4rabet Basketball Betting with Best Sports Bookmaker

Every person who is good at basketball should try to make money out of it. And that’s why 4rabet is ready to give you a big welcome pack of up to Rs 60,000 for your deposits.

Sign up and win at basketball betting! You will be able to place bets through the website or our unique mobile app, and an even more significant plus, we have everything with Hindi language support.

Learn how to bet on basketball at the 4rabet site and in the app.

How to Bet on Basketball at 4rabet?

You will need a computer and an internet connection to start making money by using the 4rabet website. The process is straightforward, and everyone will be able to understand it thanks to our special instructions, after which you can place your own basketball bets on our website. Please make sure you read it:

1 Log In to the Website

Go to the registration by clicking on our direct link. Then, fill in your account details, such as username and password. Register your account if you have not already done so.

Log in to our website, enter your details.

2 Go to the Sports Section

Once you’re logged into your account, you’ll see a list of sports at the top, select basketball.

Go to the Sports Betting section of your game account.

3 Choose Basketball

The page will present you with a list of currently available matches, and these can be either pre-match or live games. Choose what you like best.

Choose basketball among all the sports. diceplins

4 Choose Your Bet

After your selection, you will see a table of selections available for the match. Choose what you think is right.

Select the type of bet you want to make.

5 Decide on a Stake for a Bet

Enter the desired wager amount, but not less than the minimum amount of Rs 10.

Decide on the size of your bet for the bet.

6 Place a Bet

Then when you are sure of your choice, confirm your bet.

Confirm the bet.

Congratulations, now all you have to do is wait until your team wins and win money for it. But if you can’t get into your account, you probably don’t have an account. So to start winning, go to our Registration page to find out how to make your account.

Basketball Betting in the 4rabet Mobile App

There are times when you are on the road somewhere, quite far from home, but there is a basketball match coming up where you are sure of a bet, and you don’t have a computer handy. So here is a quick guide on how to place your bet via our dedicated betting 4rabet app. Please take a look at it:

1 Download the App

Follow our secure link, which will take you to a page where you can download the official 4rabet app.

Download our betting app.

2 Log In to the App

Download our official 4rabet app (it is entirely free). Once you have installed it on your smartphone, go to it, and there you will see the login menu, enter your account details, such as your username and password, which you created during the registration phase. And if you haven’t registered yet, now is the time to do so.

Log in to your app account.

3 Go to the Sports Section

After you’ve accessed your profile, you’ll see a list of available sports on the app’s main screen and choose basketball, of course.

Find the sports betting section in the app and go to it.

4 Choose Basketball

You’ll see various Basketball activities, both pre-match and live basketball games, choose the one you like best.

Find a basketball and choose it.

5 Choose Your Bet

When you have chosen your favorite match, you will see a unique window showing the different outcomes of the match with the odds assigned, and select the bet you think is the correct one.

choose you bet for basketball.

6 Decide on a Stake for a Bet

When you have decided on the bet, you have to enter your preferred amount, but not less than the minimum bet of rupees 10.

Decide on the size of the bet.

7 Place a Bet

When you have decided on the stake you wish to place and the amount you want to bet, press “Place a bet.”

Confirm you app`s bet.

Afterward, you will be able to watch the match live-streamed directly in the app and see how your team wins. After that, you can get your winnings and withdraw them to your card.

4rabet Welcome Bonus for Basketball Betting

If you want to start betting on volleyball, you can take advantage of our special offer in the form of a welcome bonus for all newbies who just signed up with us. You can get up to Rs 60,000 to your account in just a few steps! Have a look at our shortlist of conditions that you need to get the bonus.

  • Minimum deposit amount of Rs 750;
  • Bonus is only available to new players;
  • You must wager the bonus ten times;
  • You must wager at least 1.7 odds;
  • The bonus will be valid for one week;
  • To withdraw your bonus, you must meet all of the conditions above.

If you know basketball well, you can meet all the conditions within a few hours. As soon as you make your deposits, we will give you up to +600% on your account as a welcome bonus pack.

All the information about how the welcom bonus works in basketball betting.


If you have been looking for a good and user-friendly basketball betting site, we are ready to provide you with the best betting services. Thousands of players are choosing our website and app, not only because we have a great design and fast site, but also for many other reasons. For instance, our data security is very high, and all your hard-earned basketball betting money will never go stolen. We are honestly the best bookmaker in India.


After reading our article about basketball betting on our website, you may have any further questions, then use this block, and maybe you will find the answers for yourself here.

What Should I Do if My Welcome Bonus is Not Credited?

There may be many reasons, but the first one is that you haven’t made your first deposit into your account. The second most common problem is that you may have an old account, and the bonus is only available to new players. Check these two points and if you still can’t do it, contact our support team via email at support@4rabet.com.

What Should I Do if I Can’t See the Basketball Matches on the Main Menu?

If you are on the main page of our website, go to the box on the left side of the screen under “All sports”, you can even search by name, but at the 5th place, you will see basketball, select this, and you will find basketball matches there.

What Events Can I Bet on for Basketball?

Our website provides dozens of basketball betting matches from around the world every day. We have the most popular tournaments such as NBA, Supercoppa, League Cup, Champions League, National Games Woman, Korea Cup, and many more.