Responsible Play on 4rabet

Our company places a strong emphasis on responsible gambling when serving our customers. Any problems that users may encounter as a result of gambling addiction are taken seriously. It is our policy to protect players from excessive gambling and not to allow players under the age of 18 to bet.

Responsible gaming prinicples in 4rabet.

Main provisions

We do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use 4rabet’s services and for you to enjoy the gaming experience. But, unfortunately, for some players the betting hobby can turn into a serious problem.

4rabet India fully supports the international principles of responsible gaming and tries to protect its users from losing control.

Betting on sports in a bookmaker’s office is purely a means of entertainment, which allows you to get positive emotions, have a good time and increase interest from watching your favorite team or player. You should always remember that gambling can be dangerous. Do not lose control, so that the hobby does not turn into a gambling addiction.

You must remember the following things:

  • Gambling is a way to have fun, not a way to make money;
  • In the case of a loss, do not give in to the excitement and try to win back immediately;
  • Play only with the money that you are willing to lose. Risking your personal budget or other people’s money is not allowed;
  • Always keep track of how many bets you made and how much you spent on the game.

Among the majority of gamblers who see gambling as entertainment, there is a small percentage of people who suffer from gambling addiction. We take this problem seriously and remind players that any betting, whether on sports or casinos, is based on the laws of probability, so there is no single system or formula that will guarantee you a win.

Since the line between healthy gambling and addiction is very thin, we suggest you answer a few questions for yourself to understand whether you are susceptible to addiction or not:

  • How serious is your hobby;
  • Do your stakes grow as you play;
  • Do you borrow money from other people to play;
  • Do you often spend more time playing the game than you originally planned to;
  • Does your passion for gambling affect your reputation;
  • Do you get a feeling of anger and discomfort when you can’t bet for a long time;
  • Does gambling harm your budget?

If you feel that you are beginning to lose control, stop betting and look for another hobby. Also adhere to the following tips:

  • Determine for yourself the amount you are willing to spend on the game, and do not go beyond it;
  • Don’t borrow money to make bets;
  • Set the maximum playing time.

Also, you can terminate the agreement with the bookmaker’s office 4rabet India at any time by sending a corresponding request to the support service. After that your personal account on the site will be blocked.